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Could Homecare be a Solution to Your Dad’s Needs

From what you see in and around your dad’s home, you know he needs help. You suggest downsizing to a smaller, more manageable, home, but he refused. You mention independent or assisted living, and he blames you for trying to take away his freedom. You ask about having a caregiver to help out a few […]

Four Things You Need to Know Before You Become a Family Caregiver

Many family caregivers look back and find themselves regretting certain things. If you’re considering becoming a family caregiver to your elder mom or dad, make sure you know these four things before you start. #1 – Family Caregiving is Often a Thankless Job As your elder parent’s abilities diminish, there will be frustration, anger, and […]

Make Sure You Don’t Make These Long-Distance Caregiver Mistakes

When you’re miles away from your aging parent, you may find it extremely hard to remain active with home care needs. You’re not physically there to see how things are going. Here are some mistakes you should avoid making. Don’t Feel Like You Should Schedule Visits You know you’ll be in your mom or dad’s […]

Have You Seen Your Dad’s Feet Recently?

When was the last time your saw your dad’s feet? It’s not something you likely even think to check, especially if he’s not a diabetic needing careful foot care. For one family, they learned the truth when it was too late. In their case, their dad had broken his ankle slipping on icy steps. When […]

The Challenges Associated with Caregiving

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”—Leo Buscaglia, author. You, as the family caregiver, undoubtedly know the power that Leo Buscaglia is referring to. Your […]

Keep Yourself Healthy While Caregiving

Too many caregivers find themselves feeling sick and run down the longer that they’re on their caregiving journey. If that’s the case for you, there may be some changes you need to make to get a little bit healthier. Eat Well and Regularly Busy caregivers often fall back on some poor eating habits because they’re […]

How Can Homecare Help Seniors with Asthma?

If you are the family caregiver for an aging loved one, you might be considering hiring some help. Homecare aides can be a blessing for a home with an aging senior, because they can help with many of the daily tasks that your loved one struggles with. They can help with getting dressed, bathing, using […]

How Can You Help Your Loved One Stay Emotionally Healthy?

Your loved one has a variety of different needs that you’ll help her to meet during your caregiving journey. One that is very important is helping her to keep her emotional health and well-being positive. There are a lot of different aspects that feed into emotional health, so you’ll need to look at a variety […]

Five Energy-Efficient Ways to Cool Your Mom’s Home

May 26th is National Heat Awareness Day. This is a good time to stop and look at your mom’s home. If she’s going to age in place, as her caregiver you need to take measures to make sure she’s not overheating on the hottest days of summer. Bring in Cooler Night Air Before your mom […]

Are You Worried About Your Elderly Loved One Driving a Car?

You aren’t alone if you are wondering whether your aging loved one should still be driving. After all, seniors often struggle with the demands of driving as they age. Instead of confronting your elderly loved one about their driving abilities, you can take several steps to either reassure yourself that they are still capable of […]