Senior Care Manhattan NY-When seniors remain safe at home, it can be important not just in the short-term aspect of their life, but well into their future.

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The Letter ‘S’ Is Vital for Health and Vitality as Seniors Age

As people get older they will be dealing with different challenges every day. Strength and muscle begin to decline well through a person’s 60s and into their 70s and 80s. Even if they exercise regularly, they can expect to lose more and more strength every year. Eventually this can affect their balance and ability to

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Senior Care Recipes: Homemade Banana Pudding

Senior Care Manhattan NY Spring is the perfect time to add something special to your senior care journey with your loved one by planning a special get-together with friends and family. Whether you want to host a simple brunch with just a few people or have plans for a large family reunion picnic, this social

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