Make Sure You Don't Make These Long-Distance Caregiver Mistakes

When you're miles away from your aging parent, you may find it extremely hard to remain active with home care needs. You're not physically there to see how things are going. Here are some mistakes you should avoid making.

[caption id="attachment_932" align="alignright" width="300"]Home Care Services Hicksville NY - Make Sure You Don't Make These Long-Distance Caregiver Mistakes Home Care Services Hicksville NY - Make Sure You Don't Make These Long-Distance Caregiver Mistakes[/caption]

Don't Feel Like You Should Schedule Visits

You know you'll be in your mom or dad's state in a month's time. You're tempted to call in advance and give everyone a head's up that you're coming. If you plan to stay at your parent's house, advance notice is important. If you can stay in a hotel or don't mind getting your own room ready at your family home, make a surprise visit. You'll get a good idea of how daily care is going when you show up unexpectedly.

Don't Skip Checking in With the Caregiver

Check in every day and see how things went. You'll also want to talk to your parent to see how they feel the day went. You'll want to remain updated on any appointments, unusual behaviors, or problems within the home, such as a leaking pipe.

Don't Leave Your Parent Out of the Conversation

If you're paying your mom or dad's bills, make sure you're letting them know that you've made a payment. Keep them involved. This prevents them from feeling like they're being left out or managed. Your parent wants to be actively involved in activities of daily living, so you need to get his or her input. Ask for advice before changing insurance plans, paying extra on a loan, or switching to a less expensive trash hauler.

Don't Miss Asking the Doctor for Updates

If you're not on the list of people doctors can share medical information with, you need to be. Your parent may say an appointment went great, but the doctor may have actually mentioned a concern with blood pressure or diet. A test, such as bone density or a colon cancer screening, may have been recommended, and your parent may have refused. It's important you get updates from the doctor. If you find something is amiss, you can step in and talk to your parent about medical issues.

A caregiver is vital when you live miles away from an aging parent. A home care services agency can send someone out at the desired intervals to help with everything from meals to transportation. Plus, your parent gains a friend in the process. Call a home care services agency today to learn more about the services they provide.

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