Quick and Easy Ways to Bump up Your Loved One's Nutrition Levels

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Home Care Little Neck NYYour elderly loved one has spent many years choosing her own food, but she may be at a point where she needs to consider nutrition over her favorite food items. Adding more nutrition doesn't have to be a chore, however.

Add Just One More Vegetable or Fruit Each Day

Sometimes it's intimidating to suddenly start eating five servings of fruits and vegetables every day. That can even be one of the reasons that your elderly loved one drags her feet about changing her eating habits. But adding just one more fruit or vegetable serving each day can make a big difference with a small action.

Choose Whole Grain over Enriched White Bread

Enriched white bread often uses bleached flour that is missing some of the key nutrients, whole grains, and fiber that your elderly loved one really needs in her diet. Whenever possible, start looking for whole grain breads to quickly bump up the nutrition level of even a slice of toast.

Eat from the Rainbow

When your elderly loved one eats a variety of colors of fruits and vegetables, what she's really doing is enjoying an array of vitamins and minerals. Choosing fruits and vegetables from all of the different color families helps to ensure that your loved one is getting nutrients from all across the spectrum. It's also an easy way to tell at a glance that your loved one has a varied selection of choices.

Consider a Supplement

Depending on your elderly loved one's needs, supplements might be a good idea. Your loved one's doctor can run blood tests and determine where she has need of additional nutrients. These should be taken according to his recommendations because some can interfere with medications she may be taking.

Talk to Your Loved One's Doctor

Beyond supplementation, it's a good idea to talk to your loved one's doctor about her nutritional needs. He may recommend a specific diet or even recommend that you work with a dietician or a nutritionist. All of these options can help you to make sure that your elderly loved one is getting all of the nutrition that she needs.

Your loved one's elderly home care providers may have some additional ideas that can help you to increase your loved one's nutritional levels.

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