The Letter ‘S’ Is Vital for Health and Vitality as Seniors Age

As people get older they will be dealing with different challenges every day. Strength and muscle begin to decline well through a person’s 60s and into their 70s and 80s. Even if they exercise regularly, they can expect to lose more and more strength every year. Eventually this can affect their balance and ability to perform certain tasks throughout the day.

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What’s the letter ‘S’?

This basically stands for Safety. In order to improve safety and keep it as positive as possible for people as they get older, it’s important to maintain the right focus.

How does a person stay focused on safety?

They acknowledge their limitations. Some of these limitations could be due to mental challenges or other emotional issues, the more likely it has to do with their physical characteristics, strength, and balance. If a senior is unwilling to admit he or she is having difficulty getting up on a stepladder to get something down from the closet, they may continue to do these simple tasks without a second thought.

That’s going to diminish health and vitality, especially if they stumble and fall off the ladder. There’s no point in putting somebody at risk when there are other options.

What other options are there?

Relying on family members and friends, even neighbors, may be one of the first option people think about, but hiring professional senior home care support services is one of the best ones to think about.

Seniors can no longer take these things for granted.

In our 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s, we often take many things about our physical capabilities for granted. Some people who never broke a bone or severely sprained an ankle or knee may have no clue that they are not invincible.

However, when they reach their 60s, 70s, or 80s, they will see how frail and fragile they can be. It’s important not to take mobility and physical ability for granted. When you don’t take things for granted, you have a tendency to focus on doing the right thing to make sure you remain as active and safe as possible.

When a person reaches a certain age, they need to be honest with themselves about their ability, assess every situation for potential safety issues, and, when necessary, be willing to hire a senior home care aide for assistance.

When seniors remain safe at home, it can be important not just in the short-term aspect of their life, but well into their future.

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